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On February the 8th, 2000, a bomb was dropped into the town of Kouda, a
Sudanese town on the Nuba mountains and landed on a school.  
Fourteen Students and their teacher lost their lives. The Sudanese 
government carries out continuous air raids on the cities and villages
 of the Nuba mountings and south Sudan.  They officially deny bombing 
civilian targets, but this bombing was caught on tape.
The world, shocked by the event, was introduced to the tragedy by these 
Words ofthe exiled Sudanese Bishop, Acream Max Gassis, “For much of the 
Outside world, the Children of Kouda are war statistics. But for us, they 
are more that that: they are persons whose struggle for education in the 
midst of war itself a sign of extraordinary courage and hope.”
The names of the victims of this attack are;
Roda Ismail, Ruza Dabiel, Munira Khamis, Roda Abdella, William Abdalla, 
Munira Tutu, Kaka Ali, Tabitha Hamdan, Francis Peter, Hamed Yousif, Hyder 
Othman, Kubi Yousf, Bashir Ismail, Osama Rajab, Kuri Abdel Gadir.
Kouda, is a 15 foot life size sculpture, with gesture for each one of 
The victims. The work is focused on in individualizing the human, so 
Researching the ages was essential for the installation, as was researching
the cloth that people use. This piece was shown in conjunction with the SSA
conference of the same year and later in Boston and Washington.