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خالد كودى يساهم فى معرض تشكيلى لصالح دارفور

British artist Paul Lewis, who lived and taught in Darfur in the 1980s, is organising an exhibition entitled "Art for Darfur". Showing paintings and/or photographs by Paul Lewis, Caroline Irby, Claude Irvine and Khalid Kodi, the main aim is to raise funds to support the work of Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF) in Darfur. It will take place in the period between 13th-19thSeptember 2004 at:

54 The Gallery
Shepherd Marked
London W1

The Nearest Tube station is Green Park.

Please visit the show and circulate to your contacts in the UK.
for more information please visit the website below:


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